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Thursday, April 28, 2011

End of the Year Middle School Science Activities!!! ON SALE!

On Sale for $3.00
Want to do something different and fun with your middle schoolers? Then, this product is a MUST for you! I have put together 11 of the “funnest” labs I do with my students in a SUPER EASY to follow way! Each lab comes with a student activity lab sheet that is set up to follow the scientific method with Materials, Problem, Hypothesis, Procedures, Conclusion AND a Teacher Information sheet with helpful tips on set up, procedures, and some personal touch ideas that really make each lab a hit!!!…Anyone can do these with their students and be successful!

Here is a list of titles included: Measurement: Gummy Worm, Is There A Twin? Lab, Observation: Gobstobbers, Wheel of Colors Lab, Density: Can You Crush it? Lab, 2 Speeds of Molecules Lab, Bottle Rocket Blast! Lab,AND MORE!!!

My Middle School Memory Book!