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Thursday, April 28, 2011

End of the Year Activities!

Try these Engaging lessons in the coming weeks to keep your kids happy and busy as we wind down the year!



End of the Year Middle School Science Activities!!! ON SALE!

On Sale for $3.00
Want to do something different and fun with your middle schoolers? Then, this product is a MUST for you! I have put together 11 of the “funnest” labs I do with my students in a SUPER EASY to follow way! Each lab comes with a student activity lab sheet that is set up to follow the scientific method with Materials, Problem, Hypothesis, Procedures, Conclusion AND a Teacher Information sheet with helpful tips on set up, procedures, and some personal touch ideas that really make each lab a hit!!!…Anyone can do these with their students and be successful!

Here is a list of titles included: Measurement: Gummy Worm, Is There A Twin? Lab, Observation: Gobstobbers, Wheel of Colors Lab, Density: Can You Crush it? Lab, 2 Speeds of Molecules Lab, Bottle Rocket Blast! Lab,AND MORE!!!

My Middle School Memory Book!

Camping Math, Science, and Literacy Unit!

This OVER 70 PAGE printable Unit PLUS a PowerPoint AND JEOPARDY GAME is PACKED full of hands on activities to keep your students busy and engaged with these fun and adorable "camping characters" and forest animals! Download my Preview!